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Oliver 2OliverBoy, born March 2010

Oliver is a playful and cuddly little guy. He likes playing with toys that are simple and easily to hold. He has good motor functions in his hands. He is sensitive to sound and has low vision, as is normal with children with albinism.

He could sit and stand freely, crawl with assistance of hands. He loves playing, being cuddled. Typically, he is quiet, and tends to cry if he is unhappy. He likes playing toys which are simple and easily to hold. He has good functions of motions of all
knuckles of hands, which could take, grasp and hold things.  He is very close to caregivers, occasionally can speak simple words such as “don’t want it” or “don’t eat it” in Chinese, however, it is not regular words he could speak. He is typically a quiet boy.  His development is close to that of his peers.

$90.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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