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photogirlGuardian AngelGirl, 3 years old
Arachnoid cyst and bilateral Perisulvian Syndrome


Jules entered into the institution when she was two months old, premature baby (30 weeks). Her weight when born was 1,310 grams.  She was transferred to a children’s home because in the previous institution, it wasn’t possible to give her the attention to her special diagnosis.

A neurological study due to her premature birth and development delay was made. It was found in the MRI that she has an arachnoid cyst and bilateral Perisylvian syndrome. After further evaluation, it is also found that she has Schizencephaly and receives therapy and stimulation.  During a visit to the ophthalmologist there is found that she has seesaw nystagmus and hip dysplasia which is being treated with a splint.

Her therapists are focusing on maintaining her in a healthy condition, preventing any illness or complications, stimulating her psychomotor development and constant therapies.  In the short period of time at the children’s home, she has advanced in her psychomotor development very positively. She presents a delay at the moment but doctors are confident that continuing with the stimulation and therapies she will reach development according to her age.

She cannot crawl, but during therapy sessions it has become evident that she can stay on all fours for a short time. She also has a dysplasia and this limits her in her movements. Therefore she cannot walk either, but we are confident that with therapies, lots of love and patience, she will be able to learn some independence and probably to walk too, which due to her base pathology it depends on her evolution. Nevertheless, her gross motor development is very good.

Jules tries to communicate in an assertive way, answers with sweet gestures and facial expressions; she answers when she is being called by her name, follows objects with her eyes and keeps the vision on the objects or persons she is interested in. She makes sounds like stammering and laughing or crying, depending on whether she is happy or not.

Photo available from the agency, for serious inquiries.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for her.  The agency anticipates they’ll have her file for 3-6 months.