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LISA for the Livshin family — NC

LisaJames and Jamie met 10 years ago through family members when James’ brother married Jamie’s cousin, however they lost touch until 4 years ago when they met up again and there was an instant connection. A friendship was formed over the next year and now 3 years later they have a wonderful marriage that grew out of their friendship. They are so proud of their blended family, two girls Emillie (15) and Bella (8) from James’ previous marriage and their son Jacob (2).

The Livshin’s were introduced to Eastern European orphans when their church sponsored a hosting program during the summer. James was born in Russia and still speaks the language and Jamie was involved in the children’s ministry so it seemed like a great volunteer opportunity. Little did they know God had a bigger plan. It all started when the hosting program was one host family short. They agreed to host a 10 year old boy and in just 3 weeks fell completely in love with him and wanted to adopt, but were unprepared for the process and the cost. After many tears it was decided it was not the right time for them to adopt but were open to it in the future. Two years later they were approached with the idea of adopting an 8 year old boy who had participated in the same hosting program, but was not adopted. After speaking with his host family they decided they would walk by faith and start the journey of a lifetime. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly and then the email came… the little boy had been referred to another family. Jamie took the news the hardest, she was heartbroken. The tears turned to anger, the anger turned to questions… why would God do this? Then the questions turned to prayer. Knowing that God is in control and has a plan for them they prayed for their hearts to be open and their minds to be patient and they would trust in Him.

James went on a mission trip to the Eastern Europe the last week of March where he met Lisa. A beautiful, kind, smart girl who has so much love to give but so little hope. She is turning 16 in two months and that means will age out of the system. She will have completed the 10th grade and be on her own all alone to face a great big world. James and Jamie can change this girl’s future. They can give her a loving home where she can be party of a family for the first time. She wants to be a chef and they can help her realize that dream. She deserves more because God has a plan for her too.


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