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LayneGuardian Angel
Girl, born January 2012

Layne is a beautiful little 1 year old girl with mild hydrocephalus. She has not suffered from any serious other diseases. Her mental level, actions and language are the same as other children her age. At 5 months she could roll to both sides while lying on her back on a cushion, kick the cushion with her feet, and could raise up her head by using both hands for support. At 8 months, she could lie on one side while supporting the ground with one hand and use the other to play with toys, and could even sit alone for a while. She also babbled while she played and smiled when called. Now, she can crawl, stand a little while holding onto railings, sit and play with toys, and likes to look at herself in the mirror. She can also make baba sounds and likes to play with her aunt and other children. When she cries or laughs, you can see that her lip slightly leans to the left, and when she eats, her tongue is not very coordinated and tends to droop to the right side. She is an active, happy little girl that loves to laugh and play.

$283.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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