Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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SueGirl, born October 2009

Sue is a charming little 3 year old girl diagnosed with recurrent postoperative sacroiliac joint tuberculosis with abscess. In May of 2012, Sue’s foster parents found a mass on her left hip, and the leaders of our institute arranged her to have resection performed. Soon after, there was another mass found on her left back. After a long hospitalization, her foster family took good care of her and she has now recovered well.

She is active, likes to imitate, and has good language competence. She is a clever, pretty, outgoing girl that always says hello to others. She has not been vaccinated because of her special physical condition. She loves to go shopping and play outside, and her favorite toy is dolls. Sue is very extroverted and loves running and jumping.

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