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Jackson 2007

JacksonBoy, born August 2007
Limb difference

Jackson is a bright and cute child; he can touch you with his small hand to express his attitude. He likes to smile, and he is also fond of music.

He’s missing his left foot, which is his only special need, but now since he spends most of his time in his crib, he hasn’t learned to do anything. He isn’t toilet trained and he doesn’t even feed himself; he is used to having everything done for him. What this little guy needs is a prosthetic and a patient, loving family.

Update June 2013:
The boy is said to be very obedient and follows instructions well. He can understand what the nannies say but cannot talk. He cannot walk like normal people. If you give him something, he can use his foot to pick it up. He is not potty trained yet and is still on diapers. He walks with his knees, puts on and off his clothes by himself.  He does not eat solid food, only congee.  Overall, they think he is delayed and they think he has low IQ.  They are not sure if it is because of the poor conditions in the orphanage (it is a poor orphanage) or because he was born that way.

$4099.90 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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