Prudence (1)

Prudence-2014Girl, born Dec 2005
Down syndrome, Congenital Heart Defect (PDA)

Listed:  March 6, 2013

Prudence is gentle, likes quiet places, and is a little shy with strangers.  She gets along well with other children.  She understands speech very well, and  is speaking, but not clearly.  She does speak enough to get her needs met.

She is a lovely little girl, and her fine motor skills are good (she can turn the pages of a book, and pick up small items).Prudence-China

She has difficulties swallowing, and eats harder foods (like crackers) slowly.  She does have a heart defect, and tires when standing or walking for a longer period of time.  She also frequently has colds or fevers, but no serious illnesses.

Prudence has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant!