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Abby-Kate for the Lewis family — AL

 photo fwbutton150.pngLewisCharlie and Jeanie have been married for thirteen years. After meeting at church when they were just children, Charlie and Jeanie were reunited later in life. They fell in love and were married at the church where they had met. They, along with their three boys, have a wonderful story to share.

Did you know that elephants can carry their babies for an incredible 21.5 months? Can you imagine having to wait that long to meet your precious little one? The Lewis family understands the pain of the wait. They have waited to complete their adoption for 10 years. After committing to a child in 2003, they completed almost the entire adoption process—minus travel—of a beautiful visually-impaired young girl.

Two years into the process, they were joyfully awaiting a travel date to adopt their daughter when they received a phone call no parent ever wishes to receive. Though they had steadfastly exhausted themselves to raise funds, enjoyed the process of preparing a bedroom, celebrated with an “adoption shower,” and were fully approved…..their daughter would not be coming home. Her country had politically closed its doors to adoptions from U.S. citizens. Stunned, they were left to heal and wonder what would ever come of the precious one they had come to love.

After a second trimester miscarriage, they decided a few years later to try to adopt a child through the Department of Human Resources. With full approval of DHR (having taken 10 weeks of classes and received an approved home study), they patiently waited to have a child placed in their home. Encouraged to be patient, the Lewis family worked with DHR for over a year and did not receive one placement.

Now the Lewis’s have come full circle. They have taken time to pray and seek God for what His perfect will would be for their family. And, believe it or not, they have received the referral of a perfect little girl who just so happens to be visually-impaired. In fact, this child has the exact same eye condition that their previous “daughter” had. And though she will need surgery and will remain partially blind, she will be able to “see” and feel and know the love that her family has for her every day of her life.

Overjoyed, the Lewis’s await bringing their daughter home after a 10-year “gestation” of the heart.


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