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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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ELIZABETH for the Fristoe family — MO

 photo fwbutton150.pngElizabeth (1)Dewey and Suzanne met in Lexington, MO in 1995 while taking care of a terminally ill patient and his family. With much encouragement, by the family, Dewey asked Suzanne out. After 3 short months they married and have now been together over 17 years. When they married Dewey had 3 children, living with him, and Suzanne had none. She had been told, by Doctors, that she never would have any. Dewey knew Suzanne had a desire to go to China and adopt and that she had been saving money for that reason. But, God is kind and gracious and two months later, Suzanne found herself pregnant. They now have 7 living children (ages 29-3), one in heaven, and 5 grandchildren and twin grand daughters due in June 2013. They still have 5 children living in their home, but know there is room for more. Daniel and Abby are both home schooled and in the 10th and 9th grades. Aaron currently attends early childhood education at the local school, to receive speech therapy, to correct a speech deficit, caused by frequent ear infections and hearing loss. Hannah (who has down syndrome) started attending early childhood education this year, where she gets speech, physical and occupational therapies.

Clara joined our family in May of 2012, through the Special Needs Adoption Program from China. Clara, like Hannah, has down syndrome. She also came to them with many other medical needs. Since her arrival in the US she has had her cleft lip and palate repaired, tear ducts enlarged, tubes in her ears, which returned hearing to her right ear, had her tonsils removed and major dental work done. In January of 2013 she had open heart surgery to repair her ASD, VSD and PDA. For the most part her surgery was a success. After surgery it was discovered that her PDA had partially burst open, due to high pulmonary pressures, and at her post-op visit it was noted that her pressures were decreasing, and her PDA was closed in March of 2014. She recently had her 1 month post of visit and they said her pulmonary pressures were remaining lower and they were very happy with the results. Clara and Aaron are finishing up their kindergarten year.

They had seen Elizabeth’s picture about a year ago and had been praying about her. While they were deciding what to do, another family submitted their LOI. Two other families did the same and released her. Through a miracle her file was found and they knew she was their daughter. They submitted their LOI and have received their PA. They are working to quickly get through all the paperwork so they are able to adopt her before she ages out in December of this year.


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