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LexiGirl, born Oct 2010
congenital and bilateral deformity, atresia auris externa (she does not have developed ears); congenital cleft palate; chromosomal disorder (possibly Treacher Collins syndrome)

Lexi enjoys being in noisy environments and watching older children chasing and playing together. Since she has hearing impairment, she is not able to talk as other children and she always sensed the laughter of other children via eyes. Her happy smile along with the children’s happy playing in the room together make the room as warm as the weather in spring.  At 14 months old, the teacher took her to the playroom for fun in the morning everyday. She always happily dashed to the teacher via a baby walker with a smile when seeing her. She liked listening to music and nursery rhymes. She could hum while nodding head along with rhymes. She liked being like a spoiled child and crawling close to the teacher to snuggle with her with a smile. At 15 months old, she has a good friend. They often look at teach other cross the bed and smile, hold hand in hand, play the same toy together. When a caregiver takes her to the playroom, she knows where is it. She often eagerly dashes to the playroom when coming out from the baby room via walking and crawling.

The update isn’t recent, but she seemed to be developing  fairly well, regardless of all her challenges.  Just imagine how far Lexi could go in a family!

$27.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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