Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Diana 2013Diana 2013-001Diana, she is 9 years old and is HIV positive and cannot talk. It is currently unknown why she doesn’t speak.


She is such a happy kiddo!  She really is darling.

Update June 2013:  
Diana is a very very lively girl, she’s always moving, running around. She does not speak, just one word and this is “JAGU JAGU JAGU” but I am convinced she understands EVERYTHING! When I am sad she sees it and puts her arms around me. When she does something wrong and you are angry she understands. When you say “go away” she goes. Diana is very thin but she has so much power. She is always always hungry and always looking around for some food.   The mothers don’t have enough time to care specific for one kid so most oft he time nobody recognizes what they are doing. If somebody would tell Diana what to do and what shes not allowed she would understand. She is clever. And I think needs more food. I don’t know if she has maybe problems with metabolism. But she needs special medication because she’s HIV positive. Diana is a lovely girl and if she would get more attention she would be even more lovely.

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