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LeroyBoy, born February 2001–AGING OUT
cerebral palsy, cognitive delays, spastic diplegia, inborn hydrocephalus, secondary cardiopathy

Listed: January 20, 2013

Leroy is one of the cleverest kids there, and he speaks a lot – he is rather impudent 😉

He gets sad, when other children get presents and he doesn’t.  He understands much and likes ice-cream.

From a family who met him, summer 2014:  Leroy is a very high functioning boy and definitely more mature than the other kids in his home. At first he wasn’t sure if he wanted a family, but after seeing so many of his friends leave with new parents he has changed his mind. He is very determined and has recently started to walk after years of being unable to move except by dragging his legs. He has a really good sense of humor and definitely understands everything going on around him. He was never inappropriate with us but had no trouble cracking jokes.

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