Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Ryker (1)Ryker (2)Boy, born July 1999
mental delays, exomphalos (weakness of the abdominal wall), multiple birth defects of visual analyzers (he is blind on his right eye and missing his left eye)


From someone who met him in 2012:
This beautiful child really touched me,and got into my heart probably more so than any child there! He was sat happily with a caregiver at a table when I first saw him, he was keen to follow the noise of all the commotion my appearance brought about and was soon being helped towards me by this caregiver (he can walk but is blind).

He was delighted to say hello and was soon finding a way to climb into my lap, where he firmly remained. I made popping noises into his ear which he thought was so funny. What a cuddly, soft, gentle, smiling, loving child. I didn’t want to leave him and when the time came and I had to, it took a caregiver to drag him off me, he was sobbing at my leaving and my heart broke for him!

Later I returned to the building (about 40 minutes later) and he was still sat at the top of the stairs, as he heard somebody approaching he starting making the same popping noises I  had done earlier, it was as if he was asking if it was me! When I did the noise back he grinned from ear to ear and held his arms out! How I wish he could have come home with me, it will always break my heart that I had to leave him there. He is a beautiful soul!


Ryker passed away in October 2013 ;(

Ryker’s grant of $54.49┬áhas been gifted to Garion.
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