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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Nicholas (2) Nicholas (1)Boy, born May 2007
Thalassemia; physical growth delays,
cognitively normal and full of personality

Nicholas lives with a foster family, and attends a nursery school. He enjoys school, and especially loves learning songs. In nursery school he is a popular child; because every day when the grandma sends him the school children all call his name enthusiastically. the teacher says that Nicholas likes to play various games with other children; he likes to learn to sing and dance from the teacher

Nicholas is considerate to the family; once the grandma fell down when cleaning at home, so now every time when Nicholas sees her doing the cleaning he says to the grandma: “please be careful”. Although he needs to get transfusions every month, he does not hate this matter; when it is the time to get transfusion, he can tell the family member that “I should go to get the transfusion, since I have no power, and I can not go up stairs”. He can speak fluently, and he also likes sports. Nicholas likes playing various toys; sometimes he even takes apart the 3-wheel car to play; sometimes he pushes the small chair to run over in the room;  he likes to play in the zoo with the grandparents best. When he makes mistakes, the grandparents correct him, he can answer back. Sometimes he can help his grandma to do some housework in his ability, like throw the rubbish, clean the desk and so on.

$1855.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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