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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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SutterBoy, born Feb 1998
Cerebral palsy


Sutter will turn 16 in FEB 2014.  A family must file specific paperwork PRIOR to his birthday, in order for him to be adopted.
Sutter is easygoing, organized

Sutter is a really smart boy. He likes to make puzzles and he can solve them really fast. His favorite game was copying a picture and rebuild it with little colored pins on a board with holes. If you try to fool him, he will say ‘no’ and start to laugh contagious. I’m sure that he would be able to participate in some kind of education.Sutter


He had several operations as a child, which improved his locomotion, but after his growth spurt he lost some of his mobility again. He tries to walk with crutches and he gets PT for it. With the right medical care I’m pretty sure he would be able to walk.

Some days he is really kind for the other children in his group and then he acts really helpful. Other moments he tries to get all the attention. He would do very well in a family, where he gets the attention he deserves.

Sutter becomes 15 this year. He needs a family committed to him before his 16th birthday, otherwise he will never be able to join a family, his chanced are gone then and then he is condemned to institution life for the rest of his life.

Additional photos and video available.  Married couples only, travel required.

$4912.90 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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