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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Nadia and Nancy (twins)

born August 2007
Both girls have been diagnosed with FAS, pyramidal insufficiency in legs, mental delay, and crossed eyes



What a lovely little pair of pixies!  Nadia and Nancy are twins.  Please help us find them a family where they can grow up, together!


From a family who met them in 2012:

We saw them successfully feeding themselves borscht. They were sitting up properly and feeding themselves soup with a spoon. One walks and even runs a little stiff/awkwardly but they are absolute DOLLS! The other crawls and socializes.  They have deep auburn hair and dark hazel-ish eyes. They are both tall, lean, and long-limbed. One is a bit more shy than the other. Both are BORED and need music, hugs, kisses, and a mama and daddy! They loved our attention and carried around magazine pages. They are beautiful twin girls!!!Oh my heart!!!! My heart is breaking!  Someone will be blessed to be their parents!

From a family who met them in 2013:

Both girls are now walking! We hugged them a couple times. They are very sweet! They giggle and seem to speak in sentences (from what little Russian I understand). They have a teacher working with them to try and allow them to progress enough to be sent to a regular older child orphanage instead of an institution! They say mama and papa and smile and laugh when we come in each day. They feed themselves and I don’t think either one is in diapers.

Large families welcome; married couples only.

$10,000.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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