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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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barton-1 barton-3Boy, born December 1997
Rough mental delay, cerebral palsy spastic tetraparesis, partial atrophy of optic nerves

Barton is a quiet boy. He loves to be outside, staring at the sky, following the birds with his eyes. He loves to feel the wind around his and when there’s a leaf on the ground and the wind blows it away, he goes running after it. Barton doesn’t make eye contact but he does listen when you speak to him. He doesn’t talk, but he when you ask him to do something he will immediately do it, come to you and stand in front of you for a moment. When you say ‘well done’ he’ll continue what he was doing before. Barton sometimes seems to live in his own world. He’s not making a lot of social contact with the other children from the group, until somebody turns on the music. He loves music and he will start dancing with the other children of the group.

Barton is fifteen already, so he needs a family fast.  He needs a family committed to him before his 16th birthday. This boy can become so much more if he would be supported by a loving family!

Large families welcome, multiple children may be adopted together from the same orphanage. Married couples only; travel required.


$3824.62 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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