Amos 2015 (3)Amos-1Boy, born December 1999
Rough mental delay, hydrocephalic syndrome


Please help find his family before he ages out (at 16)!

Update May 2015: I was only with him for a couple minutes, but he seemed very polite and obedient. I gave him a little hug and he seemed to enjoy the attention. He seemed quiet but not overly shy. Nice boy.
Amos 2015 (1)

From someone who met him in 2012:   Amos is a wonderful sweet boy! He will do anything you’ll ask. In the summer the children will play outside and the more disabled children are sitting in a big box. Everyday he carries out the carpet to put in the box and he will carry out the benches and chairs to sit on as well. When the ‘outside-time’ is over, he would carry it all back in again. He doesn’t really talk, but I’m pretty sure he would be able to. He does make sounds and he loves to ‘sing’. While singing he makes sounds that could almost be words, but as long as he’s lacking of stimulation, I think he will not talk. He likes to dance around to.

He is a big help for the nurses. When a child has to go to the shower or potty he brings them, when a child falls down, he picks the child up, even without somebody telling him to do that. He is a really social butterfly. He cares about the children around him and I’m sure that he would be an awesome big brother, because that’s what he is for the children in his group.

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