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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Boy, born October 1999

Down syndrome


From someone who met him in 2012:

Dell is just such an adorable boy. I feel blessed that I could spend time with him. Dell has down syndrome, but he is such a smart boy. He totally loves attention! He’s a little bit mischievous. He will do something that the nurses told him not to do and then he will look at me or them like ‘Did you see what I do?’ Some of the nurses are having a hard time with him
because of that, but I just think it’s wonderful. That kind of behavior tells me that he is acting pretty normal. Which child is not searching for the limits and looking what happens when he crosses them? But his behavior is giving him a hard time in the orphanage he’s living in because the nurses are taking care of fifteen children at the time and they just want easy, obedient children. But I think he is adorable and well functioning.

He develops really well. He is healthy boy, well nourished, he talks a lot. He cuddles the little children in the group and carries them around. He loves to play with building blocks and he can make real houses out of them. And he totally loves pictures! He will always put on a really big smile! That smile is so contagious!

Dell is probably the heaviest boy of the group, and that’s why the nurses tell him he’s too heavy to sit on somebody’s lap or be carried around. But Dell loves it to sit on your lap or to be carried around. He loves it when somebody thinks he’s not too heavy or too big/tall. He starts laughing and laughing when you pick him up and twirl him. He enjoys messing up long hair and playing peekaboo.

Last summer an adopting family visited his orphanage and Dell was so fond of the adopting couple. Especially the ‘daddy’. He really called him daddy and every day when they visited their son, Dell would come running after them, hugging them and just hanging around with them as long as he could, until they left or until the nurses told him to come back.  This boy would function so wonderfully in a family!


Large families welcome, multiple children may be adopted together from the same orphanage. Married couples only; travel required.

$10343.06 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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