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artemur-2016Boy, born January 2002
DS, atrial septal defect, polydactyly of the left hand

Listed:  December 19, 2012

From a volunteer who met him in November 2014:   “Artemur really needs to get out. Artemur is probably the strongest and one of the biggest children in his group, eventhough he’s only the size of a preschooler. The nurse who knew how to handle this group, an Artemur, isn’t there anymore. Artemurs behavior has gone worse. He bullies other children and he hits them. He doesn’t listen when nurses try to correct him. But as soon as he gets the positive attention of an adult he totally changes, he starts smiling and behaving very sweet. He is desperate for love and attention. They allowed us to take him (and some other stronger children) for a walk and that makes him so excited. He runs around and he want to explore everything there is to see. It’s a very eager boy. He just needs someone to teach him how to interact with other children. I think he would do best in a family with no younger (or at least smaller) children. Artemur is potty trained. When the nurses ask him to help bring the toys inside or push a wheel chair he will help. He knows how to react on verbal instructions. He has some language, but his language isn’t very clear. I have never seen him communicate about his needs with the nurses.”

Artemur is a handsome boy who has already been waiting far too long for a family of his own!

Large families welcome, multiple children may be adopted together from the same orphanage.  Elinor, Devora, Isolde, Julia,  Sullivan, Artemur, Duane, Abner and Irina may all be in the same region.

From someone who met Artemur in 2012:  Artemur is a ladies man 😉 He loves to greet visitors with a formal “Hello”, a chair for the visitor to sit on, and for the ladies he’ll kiss their hands and  sometimes request a kiss by pointing to his cheek. He has ten toes and ten fingers, and appears healthy. He is one of the two highest functioning boys in his group and is a big helper. He is quite verbal, and he has good self-care skills, he is able to feed himself and ask to use the restroom.  He likes to play with etch a sketches, toy phones, and bubbles. Artemur would probably do better in a family environment where he can be the youngest in the family.

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