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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Girl, born Sept 2007Brandy
Brandy is a precious little girl who has been diagnosed with a facial blush and scoliosis.

Brandy has normal development and is able to walk alone steadily, walk upstairs and downstairs without help, can jump off floor with both feet, and can stand on one foot for 2 seconds. Brandy can turn book pages one by one and knows big and small and knows the color red. She has good communication with adults and knows the names of the other children. Brandy likes colorful and bright things and loves playing games with other children.

From someone who met her, summer 2013:
Brandy is a 6 year old burn victim that I had the pleasure of falling in love with this summer. Although she has scars on her face from the burn she is one of the most beautiful and happiest children I have ever come into contact with! I asked her in my time there if she could have anything in the world what would she want, her response blew me away. “All I want is a mom,” is what she told me. Brandy has mild scoliosis, I didn’t know about it until I returned back home. She was able to walk, run, sit, stand and play all on her own! She loves art, swimming, McDonalds and cuddling. Lets find this sweet angel her forever family!

$8.10 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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