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FRANKIE for the Deerman family — AL

Frankie 2

God has richly blessed our family. God allowed me the honor of marrying my “high school” sweet heart. He blessed us with two children who are an amazing gift to my wife and I. We are a close family who loves time together and are thrilled to be in the process of bringing home our son from China! We began our adoption journey with a beautiful little boy we met on Reece’s Rainbow by the name of “Ellison”. The door to adoption closed when the Russian adoption law changed. Like many families our hearts were broken and we grieved…but God in his wonderful timing led us to this precious little guy who we can not wait to bring home as part of our family. I am a pastor in Alabama and my wife is a social worker. We, along with our children, are grateful that God in His great mercy is allowing us the privileged of adopting Frankie. I can not wait for the day when we are able to bring Frankie home. We love him dearly and he already is being used by God to teach us more about God’s great love and mercy.

Please pray for us as we continue in the adoption process. Pray for “Ellison” and the other children of Russia that God would provide loving homes for each child. Pray for Frankie… God has wonderful plans for the wonderful little boy and I am honored to have a front row seat to watch His beautiful work unfold.


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