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Boy, born November 2000

Down syndrome, neurodystrophy, psychological and motor development disorder, alalia

Listed: October 21, 2012

From a volunteer who visited with him in July 2014:  ” Duane is a wonderful boy, but he doesn’t get the attention he deserves. It is getting harder to interact with him. He responds less and less when you try to interact with him. Even when you are interacting with him, he loses interest and he will lay on the floor again.

He is best friends with Isolde, but she has been put in a different group now. Nobody ever puts them together, so that’s what we did this summer. The nurses first wouldn’t let us, but we explained that they are best friends and then it was okay. They hugged for minutes, until he was getting weaker (his legs aren’t really strong) and he lay down on the floor again. Isolde tried to get him to hug some more or to play a game through the bars from the playpen, but he didn’t react anymore. I’m afraid that next year he’ll be worse again. He needs to get out. Duane has some language, but is mainly non-verbal. He shows no aggressive behaviors, but as said, he is getting weaker, he is showing less and less behaviors at all. Someone needs to go and get him out of there.”

From someone who met Duane in 2012:  Sweet little Duane is the huggiest boy I’ve ever met! He is a determined, strong willed little guy and is up walking and chasing after balls despite some mild CP on his left side that causes his left knee to extend backwards in a painful looking manner. He has an amazing laugh, though it is sometimes a mischievous laugh. He sometimes feels the need to push boundaries, such as throwing balls at the other children, but he is a boy with a lot of love to give, both to the adults and the other kids in his group. He also sometimes gives massages. I feel he would especially thrive in a house where he is the youngest, or at least the smallest child in the home.

Significant features of FAS, shared as a cautionary disclosure for families considering his needs.

Elinor, Devora, Julia,  Sullivan, Artemur, Duane, Abner and Irina may all be in the same region.

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