Boy, born July 2003
Diagnoses:  mental retardation, convergent squint, hypoplasia of optic nerves, hypochromic anemia.

This little one is an orphanage favorite and is said to steal your heart when you meet him. He has a wonderful personality and is quite the little helper. He understand speech and he can talk but has speech problems. He is very friendly!  He has a short-term memory. He is very active and can service himself with help of adults.   This sweet boy lived with his family until his mother passed away in 2009.  He knows what it feels like to be loved and taken care of.

He has TREMENDOUS potential and is waiting for his forever family! Please don”t let him go to a mental institution- this little one needs a family!

$71.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

This child is in a region that is currently not open to adoptions.  We are no longer able to accept new donations for this child.  The current grant funds will remain with this child until the unrest is resolved or the children become permanently unavailable for adoption.

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