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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Geneva L12

photogirlGirl, Born October 1999

Down syndrome

SO grateful to have this opportunity to share these beautiful older children with you!    Geneva is darling….almost 13 years old and growing so well.  She is much loved, and attends a school for children with special needs in the 5th grade.

Geneva has a little hyperactivity…she gets bored easily with things and goes from activity to activity.  She does not use words or gestures to express her desires.  She has such potential to learn to communicate, it would open up her own world and improve her level of frustration.   Geneva also has alopecia areata (like Reece!)…she may benefit from Vitamin D therapy and/or steroid treatment for that hair loss.


From her caregivers:  Very lively girl, moves all the time.   Wants individual attention to be focused on her.   Does not react on the admonishments of carers.   Girl gladly attends lessons but does not understand the need for them. Does not ‘see’ herself in the mirror.  Is not able to repeat movements with her lips and tongue.  Has good self-service skills and also tries to help others.   Gladly draws with pencils, chalks and also paints. Is trying to learn to ride in the three-wheel bike.   Likes walking around the city, going to cinema.   Behaves well, eats with fork.  She is a singleton, does not participate in the group activities.

Older parents and large families welcome.

$15,000.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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