shayla june 2013Girl, born 2004

Diagnoses: deep mental delay. Cerebral paralysis- double spastic form, microcephaly. Strabismus, divergent squint, and Optic atrophy. First degree anemia.

Sweet little Shayla could tremendously use a family and medical attention to help her thrive. She has already been living in this orphanage for 3 years and risks soon having to be transferred to a place where adoption will be next to impossible.

Her speech is not well developed, she holds toys in her hands for brief periods of time (but she sure does love to hold stuffed animals!), she has a reaction when you say her name but she is not able to communicate back but she smiles. She walks with support- can”t walk independently. Children in this orphanage need families! They do not receive enough interaction/therapy to help them thrive. They are seen as hopeless but we know that is not true!

Update June 2013:
This is not a great picture [on the right] but she would NOT sit still. She was wanting to move!! She thought it was so funny and would not stop laughing and rocking back and forth about the camera. The nannys also were laughing with her- her laugh and happiness is very infectious.

$5.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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