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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Girl, born July 2004
cerebral palsy


Jessica is currently 8 years old. She is a shy and sensitive little girl. She is also timid.

Jessica was abandoned by her parents in front of our institute in 2005 due to her cerebral palsy. At the time, her complexion was dark and she was skinny. She could neither walk nor talk. In the institute, she is a very good girl who did not cry without reason. We all treasure her. When she interacts with other children, she likes to hold hands with them and touch their faces. Most interestingly, she takes very good care of her toys as they are always the cleanest and complete after she plays with them. For all of this, she is constantly praised by our caretakers.

Because of her cerebral palsy, Jessica has limitations in movement and speech. She received rehabilitation treatment in the institute for a period of time. From July 2011, she received rehabilitation treatment  for half a year. Currently, she can walk slowly when holding onto something. She can also say some simple words. For example, she can say the names of all the children in the institute. Because she is timid, she cannot walk freely for fear of falling. She’s afraid to step forward and would sometimes just sit on the floor. We would tell her encouraging words everyday, for Jessica is a child in need of much encouragement.

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