Boy, born 01/19/07

Jamie is a spirited, curious young boy. He was born a full term baby at 40 weeks, by a birthmother who smoke and drank moderately during the pregnancy. A 2009 medical summary indicates that Jamie has Strabismus, as well as minor delays in language and development, but current reports point towards his positive progress. Jamie currently lives with a foster family and has adjusted well. He is currently making strides in his development, and his caretakers say he is at the level of other boys his age. In June 2011, it was noted that his general and fine motor skills are improving, as is his verbal expression. This improvement is especially apparent in the adorable home videos we have of him!  Jamie is an inquisitive and social child, who loves to play with his foster sister. He is waiting for his forever family to bring him home where he can receive the love, care and guidance he needs to thrive!

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