Boy, born 01/19/08
Developmental Delay, Cerebral Schizencephaly, Visual Impairment in Right Eye, and Mild Physical Disabilities

Christopher lived with his family for the first year of his life. His family situation was very unstable and it is suspected that his birth father was physically abusive. Due to the birth mother and father’s inability to care for Christopher, he was placed for adoption. In May 2009, a CT was preformed on Christopher’s brain and cerebral atrophy of the right side of his brain was noted. In July 2010, an MRI was performed and he was found to have right cerebral schizencephaly and partial absence of the septum pellucidum. When he was placed in foster care, he was not able to roll over. After training, he rolled over, prone raised self on extended arms, and sat without support. He is now able to walk with support for extended periods of time. Christopher has also been diagnosed with developmental delays and visual impairment of the right eye.

Further medical information is available for any families interested in adopting this lovely boy.  There are able videos available of Christopher upon request.

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