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Girl, born 01/16/05

Ella was born on January 16th, 2005 to a birth mother with a history of drug abuse and HIV. Ella has been tested and is negative for HIV. She was raised by her maternal grandmother until she was placed in a foster family after suffering significant trauma in the home. She has a hemangioma between her eyebrows. From a 2011 update from her caregivers they say that Ella often wears a smile on her face and is active and lovely. She is a curious girl and interested in her surroundings. She enjoys dancing and her caregivers say she is talented. Her teachers say she is eager for attention and speaks loudly in class while expressing her thoughts. Ella remembers everything that has been said about her and is so pleased with her personal successes such as dancing. Young Ella has experienced a difficult traumatic past and has been seeing counselors to cope with this history.


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