Daniel 15H

Boy, Born 200115Daniel2001
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Daniel (blonde boy in this photo) is just a love bug.  He is so affectionate, and so desires the attentions of others.   All of the children in his orphange adore him and include him.   There are many typical children there as well, and they all include Daniel and love him.
He does seem to have a cleft lip, but it may have been repaired.  We are waiting on his medical information.
From his advocates and friends:  “Daniel – darling of the orphanage. Senior nursing him as a plush toy. The attention of others, sometimes excessive, Danka demolishes fortitude. It can be any number of hands, squeezed, it brings him joy. Daniel stranger, it’s like an alien from another planet. Perhaps, for example, be frozen in the middle of the room and gaze for hours in space, while moving his lips, fingers fingering the air, smiling. With whom he has conversations that he sees? It is not clear. The world around Daniel is frustrating. If he is forced to return to reality, he may cry, or just sits moping until the dreams do not come back again.”
It is hard to know what is that causes Daniel to separate from others sometimes, but he is so affectionate and friendly, maybe he just needs down time.  Reece is very much like that too.
Daniel’s grant of $105.00 has been gifted to Kade.  
***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors to continue their efforts! When and if this country program re-opens for adoptions, we will relist this child and begin seeking an adoptive family immediately.***