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Veronika L23

photogirlGirl, Born April 2001


Praise God for new photos of Veronika!  She has been listed with us for SO long.

Veronika is another Baltic beauty, with blue eyes and blonde hair.  She is described as calm and well-behaved. She willingly performs directions from adults, and waits for encouragement and praise for doing a good job. Veronika is very observant…she keeps a close watch on adult’s speech and action, understands directions with the help if gestures/signs, tries to imitate adult behaviors, and reacts very positively to praise.    She doesn’t like to be reprimanded.  Veronika gladly engages in contact with a known adult, is cautious in contact with strangers, can cooperate with peers, and can play common games.   Nevertheless, she plays very well on her own as well. She is able to act consistently and determinedly when she has a good routine (this is another common thread for children with Down syndrome). She has difficulties “switching gears” quickly. She can analyze and compare in a simple level, but cannot separate colors and sizes yet. She has a small vocabulary, is familiar with the parts of the body, eats independently, drinks from a cup, observes manners at the table, dresses and undresses alone, and brushes her teeth without assistance. Sounds like the perfect child to me!


Full medical and social history available.  Single moms, older parents and larg families welcome.  This is a wonderful program!

$6901.25 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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