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Margit #6-4

Girl, Born October 9, 2001
Down syndrome

Update Fall 2012:

Margit just turned 11 years old. She has been in a mental institution for over 4 years. She walks, runs, jumps, climbs and has very little difficulty with most gross motor tasks. Her report indicates that she is very “active”. She is a very healthy weight and height for her age. Her fine motor skills are also good. She puts puzzles together, stacks and arranges legos and looks through books. She plays with play dough, glues items onto paper for art projects and paints with water colors. She holds a pencil correctly and can trace some of her letters. She can identify the numbers 1 and 2, some of her body parts, a few animals and other basic objects from her environment. Her self-help skills are also well developed. She is toilet trained, feeds herself and puts away her dishes, picks out her own clothes and folds her clothes and puts them up. She likes to listen to music and watch TV. Her receptive language is very good and she can say a few words. She enjoys playing games and likes to take over the role of the leader. Her attention is easily diverted.

Additional information: Margit has been observed by an experienced adoptive family and members of an adoption team well experienced in observing children with special needs. During the observations, she exhibited very controlling behaviors, some “wild” behaviors, deliberate defiance and other difficult to manage behaviors. She acted very compliant when a particular staff member was present in the room. When that person was not there, her attitude and behavior changed. She will need a family willing to provide a lot of structure, routine and consistency in behavior management.

Additional photos and videos from October 2012 are available.

$210.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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