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AubreeGirl, born Aug. 1999
Diagnoses: arthrogryposis; mental delay


Aubree is very active, easy-going, and friendly. Currently, she lives in a special school-orphanage.


From one of our adoptive families who visited with her in August 2012:   She truly is a ray of sunshine!   She comes out to greet us in her wheelchair (she has good upper body strength, her legs are fixed straight out in front of her and are tiny.   She doesn’t appear to have AMC in her upper limbs at all.   She is extremely friendly and happy, she enjoys singing and dances in her wheelchair. She can also use her upper body strength to scoot around the floor. I am so excited that she is available because I know she will be a wonderful daughter if just given a chance.   This girl just exudes love and happiness!   The orphanage does provide the children with an education, and even music instruction.  We were able to see Aubree perform in a concert that the children gave for their visitors (they have help from humanitarian groups that come in to work on the building and work with the children).  If anyone asks about her, I would love to talk with them more about the orphanage and the children there.   They have my heart!

Update June 2013:
Aubree is a happy, loving, and well-adjusted little girl. She is popular in her groupa and loves to talk to people and attend the Montessori program at her orphanage. That being said, she is a child you don’t want to turn your back to. She can be very aggressive, and bites, pinches, and hits you when she wants attention or is jealous. She is also very dominant and wants to have your attention at all times, which is difficult when there are other children in the room. While she is very smart, I believe she has some mental delay, though how much of this is due to being raised in an orphanage environment is unclear. She was thrilled when I told her a lot of people loved her and were praying for her, and in the right family she would do very well. It would be best if she were the youngest or only child in a family in my opinion, so she can have all the attention she deserves.

Update from a family who met her in Feb 2014:
Aubree was one of the first ones I met. I’ll be honest, I’ve read her profile, and I was worried. She’s in the pictures we had of our new daughter in the new orphanage, and to think that she was the type of child described in the second “someone met her” description, was scary! I don’t know what brought about the difference yesterday (maybe they’re working with her, or she was just having a bad day before?), but she hung out with us for a while, and we didn’t see any of those behaviors. Our youngest daughter loved her- she was very gentle and nurturing with her, and our son, and very social! We talked for a while, with a nanny and our facilitator translating for us. She likes school very much, especially art, and writing and drawing. She likes animals (cats, dogs, etc). She LOVES jewelry, and hairbows (the more giant the better!). She very much wants brothers and sisters, and when I asked her if she wanted older ones or little ones, she said little (and I believe it, she was very interested in our five kiddos, and loved to snuggle them). She held our daughter and she walked her through our photo book, describing everything- Aubree was so attentive, and her face looked so wistful.

Physically, she has obvious arthrogryposis, although she seems to have some flexibility in her hands, because she was holding a banana (no peel) and eating sections of it by herself. Her legs are pretty small, and very stiff. She struggles with speech, not with the thoughts, but with getting it out, and I believe she would benefit from speech therapy. She was very polite and affectionate as well, and although she does have some obvious cognitive delays, she seems eager to learn new things and to be a part of things.

When she was with us, I had our children playing blocks on one of the beds, and although she watched, and looked very interested in what they were playing, she never attempted to roll over there or monopolize attention. She talked with her friends, with our facilitator, and with me, for a while, especially when she realized that I might know a family for her- which totally broke my heart, because she was so eager to be adopted. At one point, I had turned away to say something to someone else, and she was trying to get my attention- her arms do appear to be affected by the arthrogryposis from what I saw, because her elbows didn’t bend much, and her hands are turned at an unusual angle, and she grabbed at my shirt sleeve, trying to get my attention (she didn’t know my name then). Her hands are strong, from rolling the wheelchair, and her grasp is poor because of the arthrogryposis, so she had to kind of sling her arm and try to close her fingers on my sleeve. I could see the awkwardness of it for her, but she definitely wasn’t afraid to try! She’s beautiful in person- these pictures don’t do her justice at all. And I’m sorry my pictures are blurry, kids don’t stay still long and I was using my camera with a slower capture speed because the room was a bit dim.


$18279.49 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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