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Zack #26-3

Guardian Angel
DOB: 2000
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, scoliosis

Zack is 11 years old. He is wheelchair-bound due to scoliosis and cerebral palsy. He is a bright and engaging boy that until recently was well loved and sheltered at an orphanage for younger children. He was recently transferred to an older child home for children with physical disabilities. He makes friends easily and is developmentally on target aside from typical orphanage delays.

Zack’s best friend of over a decade was adopted to the United States in June and both children are heart-broken to see their lives so far apart now. Zack’s friend Maria is standing firm in her belief that a family will see her best friend and bring him home to their family. Maria’s family has met Zack and is willing to talk to any interested families about him.

Information from Maria’s family:

Zack is a very sweet boy who has been in a great orphanage.  He loves music, cars, Legos (I sent some to him in one of the packages I sent my daughter).  He is developmentally and academically on track from what I saw and heard.  He is small for his age.  I think that both of these kids are doing so well because of the care they got.  The orphanage kept them longer that they should have before transferring them.  So instead of sending them on when they were about to turn 8 they kept them until the end of June when I picked my daughter up.  These two kids had been there since birth or soon after.  The staff did lots of special things with them.  I know they got birthday and Christmas gifts from the staff.  The staff we are in contact with have even said they have called Zack at his new orphanage.  Both kids were very sad on the day I picked Maria up….it was quite heartbreaking to be honest.  They have a very strong relationship and it extended to the staff at the orphanage.  The director even called my daughter princess Mimi.  There is also a foundation that has done several things for both children regarding surgeries and equipment.  I have Skyped with one of the founders who will be going to visit Zack at the beginning of August.  He is a very sweet and kind little boy.  They made sure he met me on the first trip because they didn’t want him to worry about who Maria would be adopted by.  They staff psychologist also did a lot of work with Zack and Maria about what a family is, family roles, seeing friends adopted and being left behind.  She is amazing!  She was even one of the staff that took Zack to his new orphanage.

Additional photos are available. More detailed information about his development is coming soon.

$5342.80 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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