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Girl, born Aug 2000
Mild Cerebral Palsy

She is active, extroverted, has a ready smile and is very polite. She will voluntarily say hello to familiar people and is very adorable. She is fond of reading books, drawing pictures, playing toys, games and doing PT with other kids. She is very optimistic and gets along very well with other kids. At present, she is studying in the pre-primary school class. She can count from 1-100 and write numbers within 10. Her language ability improves very quickly; she can read children’s songs, tell stories and performs songs etc. At present, she can walk alone but not very steadily.

Although she is living happily in the loving big family, she still wants to have a family of her own and father and mother who love her very much. She envies those kids who are adopted. When she sees them adopted by foreign families, she will say to caretakers with tears in her eyes: “I also want a father and a mother.” How eager is she to have the care and protection of parents! As a result, she is willing to be adopted by families especially foreign families.

Feb 2012 update:

She is walking with limp. She needs to hold onto the handrail when she climbs stairs. She is attending school in the orphanage. She enjoys class games. She would be happy about being adopted by a foreign family. She wishes she has a daddy and mommy to love her.

Height: 117cm; Weight: 18.5kg; Foot: 17.5cm.

$357.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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