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Ian #69-1

 DOB: 2005
Diagnosis: Marfan Syndrome

Ian was raised by his birth family until he was 19 months old. He was placed in a baby orphanage at that time. When he was 3 years old, he was transferred to an orphanage for older children, where he still lives.

Ian has Marfan syndrome, which is a hereditary condition passed to him through his birth mother’s side of the family. He has left-convex scoliosis, a prescription for glasses and is slightly anemic. He has no other physical symptoms associated with Marfan syndrome at this time. At 6 years old, he weighs 41 pounds and is 44 inches tall. Psychological testing does not indicate any significant delays or disabilities.

When he entered the orphanage, he had a very sad and depressed personality. After being transferred to the orphanage for older children, he began attending a mainstreamed daycare program in the local village and his mood and personality quickly improved. He is now much more confident and follows the directions of the staff. He enjoys being a helper and will assist the younger children with tasks. He enjoys helping out at the orphanage as well and will help pick up toys and set the table for meal time. He interacts well with other children at the orphanage and at the daycare. He loves to draw and has recently become interested in memorizing poems and songs. He likes to watch cartoons. He knows all his colors and can count to 10. He knows the seasons and the days of the week.

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