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Guardian AngelC-W
Girl, born Sept 2010

Diagnoses: postoperative hydrocephalus; postoperative meningomyelocele, with good recovery; bilateral uronephrosis

Bella suffered from congenital spina bifida and meningocele on her back, with hydrocephalus, uronephrosis and strephenopodia of both feet. Now she has had surgery for the meningocele and hydrocephalus; when she is older, she will have surgery for uronephrosis. After her coming to the foster home, at the beginning she has bad appetite because of her disease; after surgeries she recovered well and her food intake increased. She always has good physical state after surgeries, as well as good appetite and sound sleep.

Bella is such a sweet natured girl. She rarely cries or shows any signs of discomfort, unless she is hungry and sees someone else with food that she wants – in that case, she will let out a bit of a soft growl or whimper to let you know she’s hungry! Bella loves close contact with people. She especially loves to grab fingers and play with them. Sometimes she will grab your hands and pull you close to her – this is a game that she likes to play. She enjoys close face-to-face conversation and loves to imitate some facial expressions, like opening her mouth wide, or sticking out her tongue. Bella’s favorite thing to do is make kissy faces. She does this often, to anyone who pays attention to her and it’s probably the most adorable thing anyone has ever seen. Bella loves to be held. She will begin smiling and laughing as soon as she is picked up. Bella also makes a lot of babbling noises when she is happy. Although she doesn’t know any words yet, she certainly likes to talk!

Bella has a wheelchair that she sometimes uses. She is still a bit too small and young to move herself around, but she loves to be pushed around in it. It is also giving her the opportunity to develop some new skills. She can pick up small objects in her hands, like a ball, or a crayon. She doesn’t colour yet, but loves to pick up the paper and crumple it. She is also able to pick up small pieces of fruit, like a banana, and put it in her mouth – this might take her a few tries because she seems to like the feel of the banana, and sometimes plays with it first, so she might need a bit of help guiding it to her mouth! Bella is a great eater; she will open her mouth for anything on a spoon. She is a wonderful child with a great personality, that just needs some love and care to help her grow and develop!

Bella is a clever, beauty and lovely little angel. Her caregivers hope she can have her own family soon – a father, mother and more siblings who would love and care for her. Her health and happiness is their greatest hope.

The agency has a $4200 grant available for a qualified family!

$45.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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