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danielle2Girl, born July 2004
Diagnosis: Pigmentation of skin

From her latest updates received from China, it was reported that she is currently in foster care and is getting along well with her foster parents and other family members. In school, she is described as a very well-behaved student who follows the classroom rules and gets along nicely with her classmates. Danielle enjoys playing hide and seek, bean-bag games, singing, and dancing. Danielle’s special need is a large pigmentation on her face. We think she is beautiful!

Danielle appears to be a very typical little girl, dealing with an unusual skin condition.   The condition appears to interfere with her hair growth as she has some alopecia as well. A dermatologist looked at her pictures and file and believes her condition is just nevus. A plastic surgeon looked at her file and he said the area in and on the side of her mouth could easily be removed and should be removed as to not interfere with her eating.

Her phyical development is normal, as well as her language development. She enjoys talking with people she knows. She likes imaginary play, and playing with baby dolls. She is active, smiling, and likes watching TV.

Additional pictures available for serious inquiries.

$35.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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