Vitaly1Boy, Born January 2005Vitaly2

Little Vitaly is so handsome, with his dark hair and eyes!   Vitaly was born with CP and is not able to walk at this time.    He is moderately cognitively delayed, but will regress every day he is in this place.  He is already living in an institution, and he needs to be rescued desperately.   Otherwise he will never have a chance to walk, never have the opportunity for surgery or therapy.

Update June 2015: Little Vitaly is going downhill and needs a family NOW. He is a very sweet little guy. Loves affection and being held. He knows the volunteers who visit him. At this point, I would say severe mental delays, not moderate like it used to be. He is still non-verbal. A few years ago he was able to move around more, pull up, almost stand. Now he can barely sit. He is skin and bones and not thriving. HE NEEDS A FAMILY!

$995.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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