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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Boy, born Feb 1999
Down syndrome; infantile cerebral paralysis

Randall needs a family before he ages out in Feb 2015.


Randall is a handsome young man who likes to play outside, and is described as gentle with others.  He is a sunny, cheerful boy, who also enjoys arts and crafts.    He’s non-verbal, but is curious and open-hearted.

From a family who met him in summer 2012:

It took us a few days to really get to know Randall. He was not seeking out all the attention that some of the others were. He was content to swing and sing to himself while waiting patiently for someone to kick a soccer ball with him. Oh how he loves to kick a soccer ball.

He is such a kind gentle boy. He would patiently wait to ask to look through our photobooks. Unlike some of the others he was happy to just look – he didn’t need extra attention while looking through it. He was the most careful with the books always being sure to return them safely.

He has some speech issues. He talks and sings but is hard to understand. I think just before we left he was taken for surgery on his palate which may be why he has speech issues.

In addition to swinging and kicking the soccer ball he loves crafts (stringing tiny beads and coloring) He loved the electronic toys we brought – remote control helicopter and translator. But unlike many of the others he always waited his turn, was careful with the items and always gave it to the next boy when his time was up!

Unfortunately Randall is older – his time is running out!! It’s a pretty easy region – the 10 day wait has been waived in the past – and the boys are taken care of.

$10054.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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