waniya-2016-2Girl, born October 2007

Cerebral palsy; Mixed specific developmental disorders; Coloboma of optic discwaniya-2016

Listed: June 3, 2012

NEW PICS!  December 2016

VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/Mxt_cASQ9fw

UPDATE December 2016:  Update for Waniya the sunshine girl! She does have eyes, she just smiles so big they disappear 😉  Waniya is very sociable girl. She likes to play with other children. Likes finger exercises, fairy tales, and musical therapy. She pronounces simple phrases, answers questions. She has a favorite doll, she calls her Katya. The doll has blonde hair like Waniya. She takes the doll to bed with her. She is learning to count from 1 to 5. Her appetite is good.  Waniya needs a family!!!

This sweet girl cannot reach her full potential where she is now! She has been transferred since this video was made.  The staff at the baby orphanage cry when the kids are transferred because they know where they are going… Waniya has managed to avoid the laying down room but that doesn’t mean she is protected from neglect and abuse.  Will you share her today? She is pure sunshine!  Waniya (pronounced Wa-NEE-ya) — a Lakota (Sioux) name that means “breath of life.”  Waniya is a gem; she needs a family to reach her true potential.

$1,104.94 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!