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kinley-2015Girl, born April 2001
Down syndrome


Listed: May 25, 2012
UPDATE December 2015: “This is Kinley. She is a great girl who loves attention. She tries everything the other girls are doing. She is nonverbal and makes her needs known by gestures. She understands staff. Kinley is inquisitive and very interested in what is going on around her. She is affectionate and a real cutie pie!! “


FINALLY!  A better picture of Kinley!  She is running out of time!  Sweet Kinley, she’s never has really had her picture taken before, but she’s trying!  It’s apparent she’s in need of dental work, and either glasses or surgery to help her vision.  Kinley could be adopted with  Emmalyn.  She’s already waited so long, let’s find Kinley her mama!


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