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Gabe (L)

Boy, born April 2008
has older half siblings (not available for adoption)
Shaken baby syndrome; Asthma; low muscle tone; open oval window; suspicion of autism spectrum disorder

Gabe was born via cesarean due to hypertension and fetal hypoxia. When he was 4 months old he was diagnosed with a muscle tone disorder, physical therapy was provided. In February 2009 moderate bronchial asthma was diagnosed. He has had bronchitis six times, chicken pox, ear inflammation, tonsillitis, and rhinopharyngitis. He began crawling at 13 months, sat independently at 14 months, he could stand holding on to things at 15 months, and was walking with assistance at 17 months. He had a heart defect of the auricle wall but when reevaluated by a cardiologist in 2010 it was found that it had closed and only an open oval hole remained. Gabe’s physical development corresponds with his age and is described as normal and harmonious. He prefers to play alone. He was evaluated for autism and there was not enough information to confirm the diagnosis.

Update from December 2010: Gabe is walking independently and can climb up stairs holding an adult’s hand. His coordination and balance are insufficient. Interaction with adults depends on his mood, sometimes he cuddles, smiles and wishes for affection and touch. He does however avoid eye contact. He does not interact or play with other children, does not participate in collective activities and shows no interest in them. He likes toys that make noise, play music, moving toys (beads, trundles, whirligigs), and blocks. He frequently puts toys in his mouth and licks things. He enjoys spinning the wheels on the toy cars. During individual activities he does try to imitate elementary actions and will seek out help from an adult if he is struggling, however he gets tired quickly and becomes irritable. His behavior is sporadic and he gets angry quickly when his wishes (to leave group, open closets and doors) are ignored. When he gets angry he falls down, cries, and calms himself down slowly. He shows stereotypical hand movements: he twiddles his fingers, puts them into his mouth, knocks with his fingers on various surfaces, and scratches them. Gabe does not understand what is told to him and does not perform tasks that are asked of him. He reacts to his name episodically. He does not speak, only spontaneous sounds caused by him playing with his lips and tongue, he sometimes laughs loudly. He does not eat by himself, he is spoonfed. He does not take the spoon himself and he does not chew, he sucks on harder food. He drinks from a bottle and holds it himself. His appetite is good, he does not select food, prefers to drink a lot of drinks. He has trouble sleeping and will chew the side of his crib. He sleeps sensitively and wakes up frequently. Has no interest in sitting on the potty.

$10.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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