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Zeke (L)

Zekezeke2014-2Boy, born March 2009
has sibling (not available for adoption)
FAS; hypermetropia; nanism (dwarfism); suspicion of autism; mixed developmental delay


December 2014 UPDATE: Age 5 years: His height and head circumference are behind for his age. Zeke saw a neurologist who concluded that he has very small eye lids, his nose foundation is dented, and he has a thin upper lip. He can pay attention for short amounts of time. He has been evaluated in all aspects and is delayed physically and mentally. He struggles with fine motor skills and skills of independence. Control of waist/pelvis is not sufficient; is unstable when sitting. His emotions are inadequate. His cognitive processing is limited. He is developmentally delayed in all aspects.

Zeke can sit and crawl. When someone helps him to stand he balances on his tip toes. He can take a toy with his hand. He does not imitate actions that are shown to him. He has an attachment to small details. He tends to play alone. Often his emotions do not correspond with the reality. 

Zeke can count up to 10, speaks in 2-3 words sentences, says poems, very active in musical activities, sometimes has anger expression difficulties and autoagression, has difficulty to move from one task to another, has broad and stable vocabulary, sentences not yet full, and sometimes he is lacks the simple logic. His hearing understanding is not in full potential. Made psychological autism test , observed many features of the autism. Diagnosed with complex developmental disorder and autism features, CP ataxic form; FAS, mixed developmental disorder, low height, hypermetropic astigmatism, functional heart murmur.

A U.S. mom had these observations about Zeke: He’s a doll! He’s cheerful, helpful, and very friendly. Every time we entered the room he was the first to greet us (Labas!!). Zeke has a little issue with following directions. I don’t know him well enough to be able to distinguish if it was a willful issue or a cognitive issue. As far as I know he has FAS and possibly very mild CP effecting his legs/ Achilles’ tendon. Zeke is a very likable kiddo!

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