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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Grier (L)

Guardian AngelBoy, born January 2009
has siblings
Suspected FAS; mixed developmental delays; muscle tone disorder; near-sightedness; heart murmur

He was born from the 7th pregnancy and was born prematurely at 35 weeks. After birth his condition was difficult due to disordered microcirculation, tachypnea. Since 10 days old treatment of tuberculosis was applied. He has a history of anemia, rachitis, sudden bronchitis, and ear inflammation. In November 2009 he had an operation on both ear drums. Developmentally delayed in the areas of psychical and physical.

March 2010 update: At 1 year he can not sit by himself, he can sit with support but bends forward. He can not crawl, he just army crawls using his hands and drags his legs. He can roll. He will take a toy if someone gives it to him. He smiles. He speaks a few words. His emotions are poor. His development is progressing slowly.

Grier has 6 siblings, 3 have been adopted and 3 reside in the orphanage with him and may be available for adoption. Their mother passed away 9 months after Grier’s birth.

Additional photos available.


Grier’s grant of $470.00 has been gifted to Riley. 

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