Girl, born September, 2004
has siblings (not available for adoption)
FAS; Mixed specific developmental delays; short-stature; strabismus; hypertrophy; flat-foot; repaired hernia.

Lexi was born prematurely at 34 weeks gestation weighing 1530g. She has had trouble gaining weight. She has a history of bronchitis and otitis. She started walking at the age of 2. In March 2011 she weighed 15kg and was 103cm tall. Delay of speech comprehension, expressive speech, general motor, audio attention memory, and visual attention memory. She is developmentally on target for her age in the areas of fine motor, self sufficiency skills, and social adaptation.

Update from Lexi’s care home Feb 2011: She attends speech therapy classes. She was diagnosed with Speech and communication disorder- moderate delay of language development. During therapy she is active and interested in the activities. However her actions are stereotypical, chaotic, she struggles to understand simple plots of the games.

October 2010: Lexi is agile, happy, and communicative. She is able to recognise and name the objects from her nearest surroundings. She struggles to understand abstract concepts. She helps get herself dressed, undressed, makes her bed, and looks after her own clothes.

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