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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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MEREDITH for the Lehmann family — WI

Brian and Keri have been blessed with 14 years of marriage and counting, with God as the glue…Marriage takes three! They always thought they would have their own children, when and if it was God’s will. But so far it has not happened…yet! They have been blessed with 4 legged furry kids, horses, dairy goats, dogs and cats,…but are still waiting for a 2 legged non furry kid or kids. :) After thinking maybe it was not in God’s plan for them to be parents, a phone call from one of Keri’s brothers in Nov. 2011 changed all that. Her brother told her that the baby he and his wife were expecting in the Spring might have Down Syndrome. Long story short…they would not be able to keep the baby…was this how God planned for them to finally become parents?! Keri told her brother they would adopt the baby in a heartbeat. Keri works in health care and Brian and Keri help care for a family friends child with special needs. This beautiful child with CP has been a blessing to them and really helped take away many of their fears and softened their hearts to a special needs child. Then began the research on Down Sydrome. Through research Keri came upon Reece’s Rainbows website, wow look at all these beautiful sweet children that need homes…how would you ever choose? Brian and Keri were still thinking that maybe they would be adopting her brothers baby. After much prayer time another phone call came, God’s answer was no. Keri’s brother and sister-in-law would be keeping the baby whatever the health of the baby, praise God! But ouch…will they ever be parents?!

Keri then returned to a list of Reece’s Rainbow kids, one child over and over again kept standing out among the others. After a lot of time in prayer, digging into God’s word and with many family, friends and their church praying for them. The answer and peace of what God was calling them to do became clear… sweet Meredith was to be their daughter! Wow, Praise the Lord! Even though there are still many answers unknown and concerns about finances. They continue to trust their Heavenly Father through this unknown journey and have faith that His will and timing is always perfect. As He has shown them many times through their 14+ years of marriage.

God is Good! Praying for Meredith’s health and safety!
Your Mommy & Daddy can’t wait for the day they can bring you home to your forever family… :)


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