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Guardian AngelDOB: Sept 9, 2002
Special need: cerebral palsy

Though she was diagnosed to have mental delays, it’s been noted that it’s like orphanage delays in general.  She does will in day-to-day tasks.  In the orphanage, she has much less education and very rare contact with the outside world compared to other children of same age.

She has been attending the special education class in the orphanage. Yet, she will go to the local special education school in mid-September.

She enjoys playing with balls, listening to music and dancing.  She doesn’t like being ignored.  She likes pink and green, and she likes wearing dresses.

She can walk and go upstairs with no problem. Every day she dresses up, takes the bath, eats and sorts out the bedding by herself.  She can fully take care of herself.

Additional photos and video available.

$1472.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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