Girl, Born June 6, 2005


Jasmina is a beautiful girl with the most gorgeous olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes. She is HEALTHY besides her Down syndrome, with no heart condition. Physically active, good self-help skills. Jasmina can pronounce sounds, repeats words, likes to play with children, very friendly, eats well, toilet trained.

Likes music, parties. The orphanage is for healthy children and in her group there are 8 children. The care conditions are very good. They eat and sleep according their timetable (6 times a day) They have lessons, speech therapy teacher and music teacher.

Married couples and single mothers may apply

Only open to Canadians

  • Single mothers must be financially stable and under 50 years of age
  • Both parents MUST be under 50 years, no exceptions
  • Smaller families preferred, no more than 5-6 children max
  • Both parents travel for 2 weeks the first trip; they go home for about a month.
  • 2nd trip 7-10 days until court
  • Child can be escorted home about 6 weeks later, or one parent can return to pick the child up (3rd trip)
$2,598.15 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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